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About Birdworld Kuranda

The aviary of Birdworld Kuranda is one of the largest bird parks in Australia where you can meet around 500 birds from 75 different species. The birds collection of the park has about 60 rare species from the highlands of Atherton Tablelands, Australia and that of the globe. Book your kuranda birdworld tickets to roam around the park in its lush and tropical landscape where you get to observe the birds in their own specific and natural habitats. The park has two large lakes connected by a waterfall, here you’d be able to spot birds like stilts, herons and Australia’s unique Black Swan.

On the canopy of the trees nearby you might see the blue, gold and scarlet macaws, the cassowary which has been listed endangered. You can complement your birdworld kuranda tickets and add the nearby attractions like Australian butterfly sanctuary, Kuranda explorer and Kuranda Koala gardens in your list. There are more than 1,500 butterflies at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, you can also enjoy a little ferry ride in river Swan at Kuranda Explorer and meet numerous native animals of Australia like Koalas, Quokkas, gliders and bettongs at Koala Gardens.

Why To Book Birdworld Kuranda Tickets?

  • Get a chance to know more about the colourful world of Australian birds by booking your birdworld kuranda tickets. At the kuranda village you might spot upto 60 rare and spectacular tropical birds from across the globe.
  • Meet many more animals from the habitat of rainforests at Kuranda Koala Gardens. Don’t miss the chance to see animals like kangaroos, wallabies, wombats and freshwater crocodiles can be spotted at the wildlife park as well.
  • Get an admission into the surprising Australian Butterfly Sanctuary by booking the kuranda birdworld tickets. At the butterfly sanctuary there are more than 1,500 butterflies of different kinds.
  • Kuranda Riverboat is the most fun part of the journey at different attractions accessible with birdworld kuranda tickets. It would be a 45- minute ride across the river Barron. Try to know more about the different creatures of the river and its surroundings while passing by it.

Available Birdworld Kuranda Tickets & Package Options

Birdworld Kuranda

Book your kuranda birdworld tickets and witness the experience of being surrounded by the Australian birds. The Birdworld zoo has the largest collection of free-flying birds in Australia, there are almost 60 rare and spectacular bird species. Usually you’d find these birds in the rainforests of Australia and in other parts of the globe. While going around the birdhouse you might spot an Amazonian Macaw or maybe some endangered exotic bird like cassowary. Along with spotting the birds, birdworld kuranda tickets allow hand feeding the birds and taking pictures with them.

Friends In The Rainforest

Enjoy a day with the friends in the rainforest by booking birdworld kuranda tickets which will allow you to enter the two wildlife attractions. Inside the park you’d get a chance to interact with the Koalas at Kuranda Koala Gardens and spot rare Australian birds at Birdworld Kuranda. With the Kuranda birdworld tickets you would also see other animals like kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, freshwater crocodiles and many other rainforest animals.

Kuranda Wildlife Experience

Add more fun and interesting wildlife experiences to your visit to the Birdworld by booking for birdworld kuranda tickets which allow entry into 3 wildlife attractions. Get admission into Birdworld Kuranda, Kuranda Koala Gardens and the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary within a single set of tickets for birdworld kuranda. It’s a wonderful gift for all the wildlife enthusiasts who would get to see more than 1,500 superb tropical butterflies hovering all together in Kuranda village. Other colourful butterflies you could also click pictures with the Koalas and visit other rainforest animals like kangaroos, wallabies and wombats.

Kuranda Explorer

By booking for birdworld kuranda tickets you can complement the experience with that of Kuranda Riverboat. A ride in a ferry would allow you to witness the beauty of Australian tropical wildlife in an interesting manner. The tickets would be an admission into the great attractions of Birdworld Kuranda and Kuranda Koala Gardens. At the two attractions you would spot more than 60 rare tropical birds in the former, while in the latter one, you could meet many little animals like wallabies and cute Koalas. The highlight of the tickets for birdworld kuranda would still be a 45- minute ride in the tropical rainforest river of Barron. As you cruise through the river, get to know more about its creatures and the surroundings.

Know Before You Book Birdworld Kuranda Tickets

  • Location- Kuranda Heritage Markets Rob Veivers Drive, Kuranda.
  • Timings- 10 AM to 4PM.
  • Best Time To Visit- The best hours to book your tickets for birdworld kuranda is during the early hours of the day when the attractions are comparatively less crowded. The visitors would enjoy going around different spots and have adequate time in sporting birds and spend enough time with Koalas. If you wish to enjoy Kuranda Riverboat, reserving birdworld kuranda tickets for the evening hours would be a good idea. It would allow you to enjoy the river of Barron more with the serene views of sunset.

How To Reach- - By Car- Follow the driveway on the Kuranda Range road; it’s an easy self drive to Kuranda. The pathway is full of beautiful sights of lush green mountains. - By Skyrail Rainforest Cableway- Enjoy cable car transportation to Kuranda through Skyrail, it’s a 7.5 km journey. You would pass through the scenic beauty of Caravonica which is near Cairns. From the Skyrail Kuranda Terminal, the Heritage Markets, where Birdworld is located, is a short distance of 10-minute walk away. - By Rail- A special Kuranda scenic railway runs to Kuranda, it passes through the scenic beauty and waterfalls of Cairns and Freshwater. The site of Birdworld Kuranda is about 10-minutes away from the terminal station.


Do we need to book in advance for Birdworld Kuranda Tickets?

You can book your kuranda birdworld tickets in both offline and online mediums, but it's recommended to pre book the experience and avoid any inconvenience such as long queues at the entrance. It would also allow the visitors to secure their seats and enjoy the experience better.

What is the minimum age required to book Birdworld Kuranda Tickets?

Visitors of age 3+ years are allowed to book birdworld kuranda tickets and get admission into the aviary. The young visitors are required to be accompanied by adults on the tour.

Will I get discounts on booking Birdworld Kuranda Tickets?

On making bookings for the kuranda birdworld tickets online you might be able to avail for some discounts. Children between the age of 4 to 15 get birdworld kuranda tickets at a reasonably lower price. Group bookings can avail you discounts as well.

What is the best time to visit Birdworld Kuranda?

You can book your kuranda birdworld tickets during the early hours of the day. During this time, the attractions are comparatively less crowded. You would enjoy going around different spots like birdworld where you can spot various birds and spend enough time with Koalas. To enjoy Kuranda Riverboat you should book birdworld kuranda tickets during the evening hours.

What is special about Birdworld Kuranda?

The Birdworld Kuranda is a special aviary where more than 500 birds of different species and varieties can be spotted. There are more than 60 rare and spectacular birds of Australian land in the aviary. It offers a good nature walk among the colourful birds who live in natural habitats.


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